Our management philosophy is “Contribution to Humanity” and “Contribution to Society”.

Our philosophy is derived from the belief of our founder, Satoshi Sakurada, who holds that “since human society co-exists with nature, nature should be preserved” and “human beings will be allowed to live a sustainable life”. Applying this philosophy to the management of stores, our founder believes that “The running of MOS Burger is supported by the community” and “MOS Burger exists for the community”.

In addition to prioritizing the happiness of customers and the personal growth of staffs, we consider that it is important to reflect upon what can be done for the community, and to put it into practice. It is our top priority to express gratitude to the customers as well as to the community.

It is thus highly important to spare no efforts to make our customers feel at home and feel that “MOS Burger is comfortable” and “MOS Burger is wonderful”.

About the Founder

  • Mountain

    To stand tall and firm like a mountain

  • Ocean

    To have a heart that is broad and deep as the ocean

  • Sun

    To have passion like the sun that never burns out

The founder, Satoshi Sakurada, who gave the name to MOS Burger, shows unlimited love toward human beings and nature. MOS Burger thus cares for nature and aims at bringing happiness to both people and the society.